Who We Are

Lay your hormones straight! Do not allow stress to disturb your emotional balance! No, these are not the usual advice from us. We are offering you a few ounces of tea which will exactly do this. Made from hundred percent organic, superior quality Camille sinuses leaves, our unique blended tea product will relieve you from the mental and physical complexities of modern life.

Environmentally responsible

By organic, we do not only mean the herbal source, but the method of cultivation, the processing, and the ingredients. We have our own tea plantations in the most fertile soils run by well-organized staff and planters. These tea estates do not use any kind of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. The natural quality of the soil is preserved and enriched with organic manures which do not cause any kind of environmental choking. Our processing centers and equipment meet the international standards and quality control protocols making them fully free from dust, allergens and foreign bodies.

Only the safe tested natural ingredients are used in the manufacture, cleaning, and drying. No animal products are used in the process.

Meet the 'Blend'

The organic blend is made from health promoting herbs which act to give you physical and mental relaxation, emotional and hormonal balance and positive energy. Please go through the catalog to know the constituents and their action in detail. We guarantee:

The longest shelf life for herbal products
Best quality paper packing done under vacuum conditions
Flavour lock system used to preserve the aroma
No side-effects, caffeine-free
Safe for use by all adults
No contraindications with medications

Keep your natural levels of enthusiasm high and drive to a successful living filled with health and happiness. P.S: Should not be used by pregnant ladies and children under the age of 6 years to avoid the possible over intake of spices.